Love is in the air :P

Happy Valentine's Day pple - or should i say happy gay's day :P- anyway day of love has arrived although u wont meet love in the cruel fields of Curse and Deck 16 and even more in the -blood is all around-funnels u can still hope to meet some lovely pple playing UT .. Why not? I ve met few of them myself.. :)

Lets just say bit about love and this day..Well first of all these two are completely irrelevant so never feel unhappy or grouchy for not having someone during this day!It's just a stupid day that is being used mostly for commercial purposes and for this reason it doesnt worth causing u a bad mood..
I know it feels like u want to throw a redeemer to those who hurt u, to headshot them with the ripper -its more brutal -or to push them from Face tower so that they "leave a small crater" but its just the day that makes u feel like that and nothing more..In other days u and him/her would just be in different teams or even servers and thats it ^^!So cheer up!

Now in my clan i know there is also looooove in the air :P and i want to wish my mates happy valentine's day ,lots of kisses ,hugs and all the disgusting part xD am kidding hehe!!And for those who are "loveless" today there are always friends to have fun and there is always UT and teammates for any kind of match! Dont worry u are NOT pathetic! The day is pathetic for causing massive depression !

Anyway am going out too today so i hope lots of love to u, any kind of it!Have Fun M8s and all!:D


Expectation for n0s war has been high, but it turned out to be "low"

I'll let you see for yourself:

See their number of members? I don't even wanna count how many they have but it must be over 50. Leaders are not even included in the member list, imagine. Keep that in mind for later.

So 5 BLS showed up at the war. Me, Kr0n, Ciro, Meli and Manu.
We were ready for some 5vs5 and let's not forget, BLS has STILL been unbeatable in North America when it's 5vs5.
For 1 hour, n0s has been missing some players. So Ciro and Kr0n left.
Out of nowhere, they suggested a 3vs3 so why not?
We were in their server, so they had control. It's their territory, their own configuration, mutator, gamespeed, etc. We agreed. They chose what it seems to be a BLS's weak point in North America ---> ThornV8 map. Mutator = Respawning with shock and sniper full ammo.
The whole n0s was sniping and it was so annoying. We hardly could even cap, we almost capped 3 more flags but we only did one cap (by myself) with good cover from Meli and I think Manu was positioning himself to protect me from sniper bullets. They were lucky to save/steal away 3 caps from us.
Well, we lost. Why not accepting a 3vs3 lost in a map we dislike (and as the other clan's favorite map) in their own server?
Then it was time for BLS map right after. Less Bleak, of course. Two quick caps and they're starting to leave. Later, one of them came back and said sorry because he got disconnected. Well we're sorry ourselves too but it's part of the war (just like when my UT crashed in LB war which led them to 1 and only cap for LB in the war). A clan is responsible to bring a back up player just in case such thing happen. With over 50 members against BLS which only has less than 20 members, there has to be no excuse. We consider it a victory by forfeit. After having 1 hour of patience to make a 5vs5 war, we gotta take it. Or else I could have disconnected myself from the first game to cancel that lost. We play with honor!


My Blogger Beginning :)

This is kr0n here with the beginning of a great blogger era. I am SOOO happy to be able to contribute to the greatest blog in the world :P. I promise not to put anything you guys wouldnt like such as...KRON IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE AT EVERYTHING...even if it IS true :). I usually am in most wars we have had lately so i could be able to talk about them...people can also send me the PM of their description of war if lid is not available. I think this was a great idea by Lid to add more people and im glad he choose me :).

Now here are my 5 ways to get a good side on this clan.

1.) Dont be Polak

2.) Dont do noob habits on ND like double jump or spam

3.) Dont hate on our girls (Melissa and Ch3rry)

4.) Learn to love the game for fun, not for competition.

5.) Be friendly in games to us and everyone..no matter the server or the situation. Problems have a way of solving themselves.

6.) (One Extra) Be a good role model to the more....colorful players that like to spam and curse and get mad at everything. When you can do that...you can be like us :)

Those are my ways to get on our good side...follow those and you can be one of us...well maybe :P


A happy Clan

And here i am making my first shot as a blog writer !!! Lid trusted me on this and am so glad ! Now my aim is to make him and my m8s satisfied and proud also ^^ .. It is already said that this clan is about a team with friendly spirit and energy but also deadly when it comes to wars -especially at North America .

This combo can only lead to victory and if not victory at once then always a step forward for our team play .What i appreciated most in this clan as a member -or not- is the continious happy mood that rules in every post ,every thread ,every game and every war! Noone gets grouchy and noone gets mean to eachother! Thats what i call true bonds! Congradulations for ur team spirit!!!You achieved to gain a really nice thing through a pure violent game!Hurray!

In order to join the BLS clan you have to :

1) Win Chr1st -ok am kidding dont worry-Maybe Manu? ok enough i stop ..

2) Eat a melissa's pie on ur face!.. sorry guys but that makes her happy ^^

3) Never ignore Ciro xD -our only black latino soldier

4) Be positive and cheered as Ziltoid and Kronny

5) Listen to metal music ---> thats if u wanna win our Lazzy 's heart :)

6) Emm be a really *** ***** ..no no thats for girls sorry .. p0p will explain this one to u .. :P

7) Dont let us wonder where u are *gets suspicious* ....

and last one

8) get friends with Lid <-- good sense of humor with the ability to mix posts and make extremely funny conclusions, and Mc <- our sweet novel writer always fighting with his ping >_<

Cheers, Ch3rry


ClanWar IFN Screenshots

I was absent during the war, so no Lidstrom. Manu came to be my replacement though!

First game was 8-8. Not 9-8 like in the screenshot, because the mapvote window popped out when it was 8-8 and the time was over. BLS thought it was over, while IFN was closing that window to cap the last one. That's why you can see the complaints from BLS in the screenshot. We've come to an official agreement that this was a tie 8-8 because it was on IFN server and BLS had no clue how it worked.
- - - Let's not forget that we've let ZILTOID (Our apprentice) play against IFN!
Then p0p joined to replace Ziltoid. With a comeback from 3-6 to 8-8.

This is where the full BLS squad performs at its best. LESS BLEAK map again!

Last game, Facing World. THAT is the map where I've trained the most recently on TS server so I regret not being there. I would SURELY put more impact in that game. But it doesn't matter, BLS still won!