And its......SOGEEE!!! Ta ra ta ta!

Congratulations Soge! You were voted as the best member for ..sometime !

Okay its almost like this poll was made for Soge from the begin.Everybody wanted to vote for H3ctro because he is ... a jerk & a badass! I want to say goodhearted and funny but Soge would kill me then.Yes he is for now the best BLS badass , and may he always be a bls ! You rock dude! It was worth waiting for you after all this time of your absence and all the Manu's parties you ve missed , now you are back better than always !:D Have fun with us always!

All BLS throw Soge in the air xD! (Check members section)

1]Soge 7 votes
2]Skye 4 votes



Okay here we are with some new changes for the most beautiful month of Spring, May! I have also placed a little poll to attract your interest and maybe this could be something we can keep for every month, or every 3 months ;P ..Dont be afraid to vote, i ve placed multiple votes in case some lamers vote for themselves xD..I already have someone in mind but am not going to vote yet , it would be too obvious i think.Some members are missing , b1o and hosse , havent seen them for a while..anyway lets see how this goes!Voila!