Some "Unreal" Xmass

New ones soon...
If u have any xmass pix let me know ;)


'Chr1st-BLS in BT mo[o]d!

Here are two BT videos of the BLS Master himself !!BLS|Chr1st or .... XAnadu (xD) is going to enchant you with his awesome moves !!! Enjoy =] !!!

Warning: Don't try this without supervision ;)




Welcome *Fearless* !!!

Fearless is this girl that few weeks ago was on top of the gametracker list for the UrS server.She is the person that plays with 400 ping  and yet she frags in the greatest of ease. She is deadly . She is nice . She loves to challenge Soge and kick his butt (well most of the times :P ) She is now a BLS!

Welcome to our team  bls|Talia!!!

We wish you good luck and lots of fun with us  , i am sure that you will add many positive elements to our already known as the coolest clan ever !!!! We give you our love fpr a great beginning !!! :)

<333 !


Could it be any better???

Unreal Tournament 99 is a game already 10-11 years old but has never been more interesting than the last 2 years.. and thats because of the latest female presence all over the servers ..!!! Boys have gone mad , especially when girls manage to defeat them in lots of game modes >:D... take yourself a walk around gametracker profiles and you will see it yourself. Not only we make the UT world sexier but we also give meaning to the contest!!! WOOTZZ

mission: search for girls on servers so that you can finally enjoy your deathssss

-bad bad H-


Clan(fun)war results!!!

Hey hey so BlS played for fun against UK (unreal killers -i think :P) Thanks to UK guys who are so cool and  were in for some games even 3vs3 CTF !!!! ^^ here the results Well played everyone!

Looking forward for more :)


And its......SOGEEE!!! Ta ra ta ta!

Congratulations Soge! You were voted as the best member for ..sometime !

Okay its almost like this poll was made for Soge from the begin.Everybody wanted to vote for H3ctro because he is ... a jerk & a badass! I want to say goodhearted and funny but Soge would kill me then.Yes he is for now the best BLS badass , and may he always be a bls ! You rock dude! It was worth waiting for you after all this time of your absence and all the Manu's parties you ve missed , now you are back better than always !:D Have fun with us always!

All BLS throw Soge in the air xD! (Check members section)

1]Soge 7 votes
2]Skye 4 votes



Okay here we are with some new changes for the most beautiful month of Spring, May! I have also placed a little poll to attract your interest and maybe this could be something we can keep for every month, or every 3 months ;P ..Dont be afraid to vote, i ve placed multiple votes in case some lamers vote for themselves xD..I already have someone in mind but am not going to vote yet , it would be too obvious i think.Some members are missing , b1o and hosse , havent seen them for a while..anyway lets see how this goes!Voila!


New servers to hang out with BLS!

Shiva has set up some new servers that attract BLS very much lately since ND is down ..We re talking about those:

and scores of players here..... http://www.unrealkillers.com/stats/