UT99 Action

These tricks are so impressive ...!!!

And these combos as well...

:) love 4 UT


Teh Absence Of Soge (For Ciro)

So far a long time ago, the Black Luster Soldiers added a strong component to our arsenal of players by the name of Sogeking...since being added he has dissapeared from existance and has yet to even show up to the forum let alone get the joy happiness of being in BLS. No one knows where he is and everyone really is worried of whats going on. If anyone sees Sogeking, please tell him to post in the forum and let him know that we have accepted him into our clan and family...until he is found and returned to us, he will be known as SogeQueen and is dating Pop :)


BLS Birthday

Well everyone its time for the BLS BIRTHDAY!!! March 13th is almost here and we are all excited to be 1 year (i think) old. We have our teams but if you want to participate in our little get together then you can ask either lid or ciro to be on their team. There will be most likely a CTF match and a BT match to see who will be crowned the best team of BLS. (and others if you decide to join). If it is tied 1-1 after both matches then we will probably settle it with a little CTF match on a great map...like BLEAK!!! :)
either way its coming up fast so if you want a spot on the team go and PM on of the two captains and beg for your place....hopefully they will be nice :)