Welcome Sovvie!!!!

Hey Sovvie welcome <3

Finally a sweet girl  has joined our clan !!! A girl more interested in sniping you on Siege servers!!
If you want to meet our Sovvie join our forum!! Shhh dont push eachother guys , get in line ;)

We re glad to have you Sovvie!!!! Hope you have a great and long time with us :p


New BLS member

Bienvenue mon ami!!!!

New member from France is now a Black Luster Soldier and a very powerful one! Beware of Keith or.. BLS brutality ;)

We hope you have a great time with us mate!



2vs2 tournament Round 1

Great games guys !!! Lets post the results 8)

Lazarus&Hectro vs Xceps&Zippar

Team: The OGC Dudes

Helena&Chr1st vs Talmit&Shady
Our team: The Jungle Nikitas


OMG Ciro is back!!

You must have heard already that our one and only latino soldier is back to BLS! His return was only a matter of time and am wondering what took him so long , cuz BLS was , is and always be his favourite place!!! ;)

We all welcome Ciro like it was only yesterday that he left , our admin Chr1st added him with an awesome move within few hours (xD) after we had gathered 4 positive votes which were growing and growing.. :P ..Now with my awesome move am gonna put you back to...emm our terrific grabbers i guess where you belong!!!.. I hope you havent changed your style much Ciro!!!! Lets ROCK!!!!

Love, BLS