Forum is made


Due to the fact that many people are visiting this place, they have suggested that it is finally time to create a forum.
More sections will be added. But meanwhile, you guys can register and post in "Random discussions" section.
Hope to see you there!

Screenshot of the moment, Anon breaking MC's record of 8 caps.


Trainings and new BLS server hosted by Lidstrom

Forget about other BLS members hosting a server for me. HAHA! I was thinking that if I keep being lazy, BLS would be going nowhere! :D So... I've finally adjusted my router's options to open ports. Hosting server always has to be the leader's job eh eh?! Whyyyy! Whyyy! :P Just kidding...
The server will be opened every friday during day time for me, MC, P0p, Ciro, Jman, (and night for Anon, Blub and Tyson) so I think it's the perfect time to see all of you.
It can also be opened weekdays late at night my time (per request from BLS members I usually see around that time).
Some days can be exceptions. I'll tell you about the occasional days. :P
Hope we'll have fun training. YEEAAH!
Don't forget! Save that address to your favorites. :) You can go to "CTF" tabs to find the server under the name "BLS Clan Server" when the server is on.

Time for updates!
Alpha Omega went back to CoD. I didn't even celebrate the moment when he was a BLS anyway. :P Too bad.

BLS records on the right of the blog have more fun details hahaha... (I'm bored)

Ciro sent me this screenshot... That was when he got crazy and went dominating, surpassing Mareike...:

One of those days when the legendary flag killer Lidstrom (me) was almost reaching 400 points... PFHAHA! Hey guys, screenshot your points when you reach 500 or even 1000 or even 10 000! :) *Exaggerating* Anyhow, BLS on top! Yeaaah!: