BLS Activities

Funwar - Training with CoD every Sundays

What's better than training with CoD to keep BLS in shape?
CoD is a clan with so much experiences compared to us and other clans we've met. Seeing how they play through our funwar with them always gives us some example of how a very good teamwork should be. At the same time, we will get more experiences playing in clanbase maps which seems new to some of us. Our first time playing with them was very fun, although we were missing some players. I hope we will have more fun in the next Sundays!

New BLS Players?

More space in BLS as our fellow Tyson left by himself. What can I say? Well, I kinda like it.
I mean, I like the "New Space Available" concept because we may have a new BLS Knight soon to refill that space and make the limit of 4 "Soldiers" dropped to 3! We also lost a Knight who came from a division but blah... I've been dealing with better pros in FFA server... Anyway, expect to see me scouting for European skilled players and don't worry, BLS, I still go for the personality first. :)
I brought up a potential guy *Edited* Wrong person... he didn't show up:
*Link Gone*

Screenshots anyone?

Here's an old screenshot taken because MC forced me to take it... It was one of his best games (best in terms of killing I suppose). My comment on that one: I looked ridiculous but what can I say... I admit I was struggling because I was attacking alone, damn it! HAHA! Good thing my team knew how to camp even though they ate a lot of MC's rockets in their faces... Anyway, we will never forget that Razman was a pest and I completely owned him in commands... :P

This one is from Ciro. He wants to give us confidence for an incoming war against CFD clan.