Montserhunt-holiday festival!

Laz suggests!!

The server is kind of a standard MH server. Sometimes populated by other ppl but we'll rule it whenever we get there 8-D
"here are some MH servers I've added to my favourites:


-Nice server with NW and low grav I played this today and I can recommend it. Not very populated but good ping.


-Nice server but overpowered weapons makes the MH very easy.


[A] Synapse

-Not tried it yet but their ctf server is ok only little high ping for europeans.

-Not tried it "

Add those 5 servers to your favourites and we'll be able to catch eachother for some nice monsterhunt games the upcoming weeks


Christmas time

It's almost here , Christmas , a holiday when everyone should be happy.Unfortunately that's not happening but..wait this is not cherry's blog..so forget it..

Lets be happy ..It is not only the spirit of the days but the general feeling i have that christmas in UT world should be spent in a warm and peaceful atmosphere where everyone is welcome.The only mode where noone kills noone is actually monsterhunt -but please dont shoot the cows :( ..its not funny!

So maybe this year not just bls but everyone should play a funny monsterhunt altogether!!