3rd Leader - 2nd Assistant Specialized In Europe

Well, he plays in Inzane, he plays in every nice and populated European server.
The two BLS leaders have gone quiet in games. I thought it was finally time for a 3rd one. I have never set a limit for the number of leaders. But now I do, and it's 3. Haha. If Laz also gets way too busy, he can get substituted by a replacement. Only substituted, so it doesn't mean "a 4th leader" (otherwise the whole BLS are leaders). Laz will remain the original 3rd leader. That's it. He feels like he could lead a team and give them energy, especially BLS teammates. He has been one important guy giving opinions, reporting updates, etc to BLS like he could really be a 3rd leader. So he deserves it.

Another expired update I didn't make in the blog, well, we've got MANU_CHAO!
And that's probably it. Haha. I remember I was on my way to observe "cutegirl^" play but too bad.
J0ker has gone to a simple name. "BLS". Well, he's been our teacher from the beginning (why do you think we're flipping like crazy to make it so "BLS" on ND?). So he wears the clan name as he was the one who made BLS flip like Shai (just not as good as Shai). Then random non-BLS people have been learning from us... At the end, it all came from J0ker. Haha. "BLS movement". We just have to work on our sniping ability, the Chr1st's way. And Laz way of translocating.