The Updates

Ever since the last update, there's been no new member in BLS since I've become so picky. But we now have Bioly from Poland Sith clan to help us in case we need a strong player.
But facing ZRYW has never made me expect to put one of the top squads. It came up pretty much at the last minute. ZRYW came up with some players we've never seen before. Players that seemed to be more like "borrowed" than anything else, or players who just wanted to be in war to face us. I was sticking to the messed up squad since I thought that the messed up squad could defeat ZRYW, the ZRYW that we know. What I mean by "messed up" is not "worst BLS players", no. Everyone in BLS is good. Most importantly, they are good at their MAIN tasks. "Messed up" because we were not the type of squad with good team chemistry together like the one we had against HKL in 2 first games. Also because all of us weren't in our main position doing our main tasks. Why? Because our appropriated players were not present. So I thought we could beat ZRYW with any type of squad. Looks like I was wrong. There's been a huge unexpectation that I need to put all anger on a future next war against ZRYW. There's a truth behind. I'll let you figure out. And no trust will be present when the war will nearly approach. Not a single 1%. I've been probably too "calculating" by trying to put a matching squad and a fun challenge against them but I guess I'll be "overcalculating" from now on and hope to overwhelm once and for all. Strict and severe to the point I wouldn't even care who's butt I'm gonna have to shove their own mouse up their ass. I was maybe not serious enough but I may be way more serious now since that's how people seem to want me to be. I'm usually not so vengeful but I'll make an exception on UT. I'll be full of vengeance and crappy stuff.

I don't have much details about the war myself except the fact that I was in Niven, and I left so that p0p could take my place and I tried to get back but it was full everywhere even in spectating mode. I heard we lost 1-0. I got back and we were winning in face 3-1. Though it was already a messed up line up, Christ managed to do something out of it (known from his sniping skills). Eternal cave clearly shows how messed up we were in a "not opened" map. With Christ defending and Blub supporting, things stayed at 0-0. But with bad chemistry in attack from non-pure attackers (Me, P0p and Kronick), it made me think we should ban this line up forever EXCEPT in North American servers. Christ lost patience and went on attack, leaving a clear path for the other team. And from the lack of quality in covering, Christ died, I took the flag and died too. They scored twice with the magic play of XT making it 2-0. Blue base basically had full of defence, making me having the stat of most kills & grabs in the team while aggressively attacking. But low score. I saw P0p trying his best too... But I never seemed to see Kronick supporting as much as we needed in attack. We were not even specialized in attack anyway... The absence of Laz, MC and Ciro clearly shows it. The pure trained flag grabbers... (Bioly was not part of the plan until the moment where it almost got too late... and he didn't show up... Our only hope was him to replace Kronick and win that war...)
So because of some stupidities I didn't expect in that war, there's gonna be a mega huge plan B for next time. Prepared and planned way before the war. Some people know what I mean. It's gonna be like the North Korean leader preparing tons of atomic bombs in advance when he's just gonna make some street wars. Just in case he would need to use them. I can't believe myself I have to do that but it will be like that. BECAUSE stupidities like that could happen again. Who knows... It's just a plan B by the way.
The first plan, we'll be at the best squad (good team chemistry) this time no matter what our opponents are.
Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, see you guys around.