BLS Scary Records

Chr1st got 131 headshots in Face.

Chr1st has recorded 117 flag kills in a game at Bleak.

Lidstrom has recorded 5 saves in a game while freelancing in Eternal Cave.

MC and Lids did the biggest comeback from a 7-0 game in LiandriCore after Lids got switched to the other team.

R2 has the record of 46 covers in a game!

R2 and Kron have fast capped with a record of 11 seconds at Bleak!

Soge has the record of 10/10 caps on a game (TS mapvote)!!!

J0ker went Godlike in 15 seconds at Face (ND2 - 25 kills in 15 seconds).

Christ had 902 points in a game on ND and 349 frags !!

Chr1st got over 300 kills in a random game of ND2 but complained about the lags.

Lid had 5 caps 6 grabs in 4 minutes in a game without using a weapon.

Laz had over 50 grabs in a quick game.

Laz had 273 deaths in a match

Kr0n had 66 flag kills in a clan war 3 games combined.

Soge holds the record for less pts as the lead in his team: 0 pts after an entire match!! (haha :P)