Welcome *Fearless* !!!

Fearless is this girl that few weeks ago was on top of the gametracker list for the UrS server.She is the person that plays with 400 ping  and yet she frags in the greatest of ease. She is deadly . She is nice . She loves to challenge Soge and kick his butt (well most of the times :P ) She is now a BLS!

Welcome to our team  bls|Talia!!!

We wish you good luck and lots of fun with us  , i am sure that you will add many positive elements to our already known as the coolest clan ever !!!! We give you our love fpr a great beginning !!! :)

<333 !


Could it be any better???

Unreal Tournament 99 is a game already 10-11 years old but has never been more interesting than the last 2 years.. and thats because of the latest female presence all over the servers ..!!! Boys have gone mad , especially when girls manage to defeat them in lots of game modes >:D... take yourself a walk around gametracker profiles and you will see it yourself. Not only we make the UT world sexier but we also give meaning to the contest!!! WOOTZZ

mission: search for girls on servers so that you can finally enjoy your deathssss

-bad bad H-