BLS Updates

New BLS?
I have decided to expand BLS to make the clan become diverse and skilled in American / Canadian servers and European servers. Skilled in many mods and gametypes. Each one of us has his own speciality in the clan. The only problem is... What if they're too busy to show up in wars when we need them most? I tried to think about that part. BLS keeps expanding by choosing players who have things that we don't have. Ever since last update of this blog, here are the new BLS players and the main reason why they were chosen:
- Lazarus (Sweden) was found clanless and he wanted to be part of a team no matter what it was. Ciro was the one who pushed me to put him on a test which would allow me to know if he had something that we needed. I honestly saw nothing special from him on ND. Not until I saw him using the translocator in an amazing way and telefragging people in his way like it was nothing. It made me realize how noobish and RUSTY we are with translocator. This guy will be our example other BLS should learn from (if they ever want to be true pro players). His attacking style with translocator (practiced from .de servers) proved us how important it is to be skilled with translocators. One of our best attackers. Very good in English for communications, great sense of humor, good and friendly personality.
- Kr0n!ck (USA) was also found clanless. He came back from Call-Of-Duty 4, completely rusty in UT. He was an old partner of the best HKL english speaking person Ciro. He was known to be good on ND. Better than many players though he didn't show me much impact in games like p0p did. I had to wait and think for days. Until I played Insta Gib games, it made me think about Kr0n!ck because he said he was among the best in Insta Gib normal speed. Logically, if he's a pro insta gib user, then that means he's a man of precision... And a man of precision can never look like a pro with high ping. A very dangerous player if we play in American / Canadian servers or stuff that has Zero Ping for his shooting precision. At the very beginning, I thought that guy was an ass in personality but I was wrong... A nice friend with good personality, also half asian to sum up with other BLS asian blood. HAHAHA.
- Chr1st (Netherlands) was an old friend of Laz. A pro flipping sniper who would stand alongside with the scary all-rounder (J0ker) in our category of "BLS Lords". He's gonna kill you so much, you wouldn't wanna play anymore. Very competitive to the point he's gonna challenge anyone 1vs1 and make you look coward if you say no. A true DM player. When he's really really focused, on CTF, his average kills per game can go up to 100 kills in less than 2o minutes. If not, why not 500 headshot kills in less than 20 minutes? Definitely not a ND player... Sadly on ND server, he can't make use of his favorite translocator and he doesn't know how the ND grapplehook works. According to Laz, Christ is not only very very skilled and accurate but also extremely fast with translocator. Probably miles better than Laz? Just imagine that...

What you see up there will go to the member descriptions found in BLS forum along with the fantastic descriptions made by MC (unfortunately, the text was too huge, I couldn't put it here).

J0ker and Chr1st haven't got the "taste" of killing in high speed games of Atlanta yet. Probably a good warm up before they are brought to war against HKL. J0ker said he wants to improve more to become perfect even if he often owns in .de old friends / FFA servers already. Like it wasn't enough.

War against HKL, a 2-2 tie? Yes... I accepted to spice things up:
Apparently, it was a public war against HKL.
5vs5 in the two first games. Face and Thorn with normal weapons.
We won the two games but unfortunately, Ciro forgot to take the screenshot of the first game when I asked him. Was it 5 to 1 in face? We were even playing against HKL 5vs6 in which they had one random guy camping for their team. I dunno how many kills I got in Face against HKL but I remember at the end, I was aiming for dominating, unstoppable and godlike as I had fun sniping their heads off from their own base (Yes I changed my defensive spot at the end, I was in their base, protecting our base). I often saw 2 heads going off in a row and it opened my eyes wide "Who the hell did that? I was gonna shoot them...", as I looked up the screen, it said that the headshots were from Blub... Hahaha... Typically Blub...
In Thorn, I got distracted by the appearence of MC and Ciro at the same time, creating a 6vs5 for us. I said I was gonna leave but Ciro left the game for me. Despite all the confusions, we won 5-2. I gotta thank Laz, Anon and Blub for keeping the game tough for them. And of course MC, who was so focused to win for us since he couldn't see anything.
It was 2-0 until I had to leave to prepare my birthday preparation. I came back and they reported it was 2-2 as they came back with two 4vs4 Insta High Speed games. First of all, it was a major mistake for BLS to let them have what they want (because playing in Atlanta is already what they want - not what BLS want but we felt we could kick ass) but to let them Insta Gib during my absence and also without kr0n!ck, anon and our BLS lords? No way... No one probably had any idea how much they were practicing there with Insta. None of us were trained there enough for Insta Gib games. Since I'm a generous person, I let them have those 2 wins. But it should be a lesson for BLS. It's frustrating but that's the point. We must not let this happen again. Please, vote NORMAL WEAPONS! We're not even in our advantaged server. So we need our own strength too, NORMAL WEAPONS! They didn't accept to play on my server, they wouldn't accept European server, they would only accept their advantaged Atlanta server because that's their only way to play at BLS level. So please, don't forget to vote Normal Weapons. Those who spectate, I'd appreciate if you join in when the game is finished and vote Normal Weapons to make sure. It seems that we can't deal for games with them VERBALLY. Only from the act of voting what we want. If only I can communicate in Spanish eh? Ciro isn't the leader so the task for him is so hard that he would look like a slave if I abuse him. Anyway, HKL took their 2 wins that way, then we'll take our next wins that way too until we reach a total of 5 wins. Then act like nothing happened until our blog shows the ownage of the 3 next games. I'm calling up the BLS Lords for humiliations in those next 3 games. I don't care... Just a little message in games for HKL. Prepare for next Sunday same schedule, same server.

This is BLS Leader, thanks for reading.
Here are the pics of the moment. War result of the 2nd game (not as good as our 1st game).
Random picture with n00b. And Chr1st owning even if he wasn't focused in games (because he was chatting, killing and capping at the same time... I mean... CHATTING?! right before our eyes hahahaha... How about eating, watching tv, taking shower, playing football and owning on UT at the same time?).